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Shelton Petroleum

Exploration and production in Russia and Ukraine

Interview with CEO Robert Karlsson on the recent reserves report with a significant increase in oil reserves in Russia (youtube).

Shelton Petroleum participated as a partner in Aktiespararna's (The Swedish Shareholders' Association's) Stora Aktiedagen in Stockholm 9 December 2014. Watch an on-demand version of Robert Karlsson's presentation here.
The presentation as pdf is available here.

About Shelton Petroleum

• Oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in Russia and Ukraine

• 3P oil and gas reserves of 55 million barrels and significant resource potential

• Production of 900 barrels per day during Q1-Q3 2014

• Promising results from exploration activities

• Cost-effective production with low geological risk in Ukraine

• Significant management ownership

• Listed on the regulated market NASDAQ OMX Main Market

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CEO Robert Karlsson comments on the interim report January - March 2015

The video interview was recorded on 20 May and is in Swedish


12 June 2015
Production report for May 2015

21 May 2015
Communiqué from annual general meeting

20 May 2015
Interim report January - March 2015

13 May 2015
Production report for April 2015

30 April 2015
Documents for the AGM 2015 are available here

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